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Nearby Slough and Langley in Berkshire can be easily reached quickly for an EPC inspection.


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All the information collected by the energy assessor give vital indications that ascertain how well your property is performing and indicative cost of heating and lighting your home.


This information includes the heating and heat loss elements which are recorded and passed through government approved modelling software that calculates your rating and produces the EPC.


The EPC also includes Recommendations to improve the efficiency of your property. Recommendations often include replacing (or installing) the gas boiler or adding more insulation to the external walls and loft.


All domestic energy assessors are fully insured and up to date with the necessary qualifications to allow the EPC to be produced. All EPC certificates are strictly monitored for accuracy and quality by the DEA Accreditation scheme. This gives you the assurance of a professional and quality service at all times.


By choosing EPC Middlesex for your EPC, you can avoid excessive agent charges by coming directly to us.


We offer discounted rates for property portfolios of more than four units.